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Carol Smith_HAB 

Carol Smith

How does the camera help you?

It’s about security, and seeing who’s at the door. It’s made me feel better in myself. I don’t feel so nervous answering the door knowing I can see who’s at the door. And if I don’t like the look of them, I just don’t open at all. Also, having the camera, I feel better having my curtains open. Because my neighbours can see in when I have my curtains open, it makes me nervous. But with the camera, I can always see out, too, so I don’t mind having my curtains open. It’s helped me in my state of mind, and my health. Because I am nervous, but since I’ve had the camera, it’s helped me be more independent. It helps me answer the door without having to get up. Maybe independent isn’t the right word, though. It helps me feel more positive, that’s it. I can have the door and curtains open, and it makes me feel good. It helps me a lot in my state of mind and feeling of security, basically.

How else do you use the tablet?

I play games on it, if I want to find something – I can’t read and write so it’s very difficult for me– so if I want to find something I just talk to it and it finds it!

How else do you use the tablet?

I play games on it, if I want to find something – I can’t read and write so it’s very difficult for me– so if I want to find something I just talk to it and it finds it!

What kinds of games do you play?

I play Bubble Witch Saga, Jam – they’re puzzle games, and all that. It helps with my mental health issues. It’s like when I’m drawing, I just go into another world, and forget about everything. It takes me away, I don’t have to worry about my surroundings. If there’s noise out there or something, I can go into that and just blank it all off.

What do you think has been the best part of the program?

You coming around, having a chat. To know that the housing association does something, and then checks to see if everything’s alright all the time. It’s been really good, because I’ve been mucking up on that thing, and it’s good to have someone to come around.


Dara Maher

How do you use the products? For example, the tablet.

I use the tablet for the lights, mainly. And then I use it for some of my own stuff. I’m finding it very handy, because one it’s very light and I need to keep it with me for the lights and the sockets. So, I keep my other stuff on it too.

So you pretty much carry it around everywhere with you?

It sits next to me on my wheelchair.

You mentioned the wireless lights. Could you tell me a little bit about how they’re useful?

What I find is that my house is usually very lit up, because I don’t like the dark and I trip a lot. So now, with this, I am able to turn the lights on from my bed or the couch, I can have the bathroom light on before I get there, the kitchen lights, whatever. I can now go to bed leaving all the lights on and once in bed I can shut them down, or dim them, whatever I need at the time. So yes, in that respect, I find them very useful. I use them all the time. It actually drives people mad, because I’ll dim them down at night, and when someone comes in and turns them on, they’re still dimmed.

So you use the dimming function?

Yes, it’s great for night time television watching. I don’t like the place lit up, so I just have one of the lights on at about 10%. I can also save a bit of money by not having the place all lit up, only what I need.

So you’d say they’re a positive then?

Oh yes, 100%.

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Ingrid Jones_HAB 

Ingrid Jones

Could you tell me a little bit about what you think of the products in general?

Well, the hoover I love. I can just, like this morning my carer closed all the doors and on her way out she just set it down and just let it run. And then, we opened a door each time and it would go in and clean the room. She’d already gone so it was just so easy to do it. I’ve got no grip so I can’t use a normal hoover or sweeper or anything. So it’s brilliant. And it’s good, it picks up well. It does a brilliant job, especially with my dog’s hair. And especially with the brushes on the outside, it gets the corners. And because I spend a lot of time on the floor because it’s easier to play with my dog and it’s more comfortable for me, and to be able to just, you know, clean up, it saves me a lot of energy.

And that goes for the lights, too. Having to get up to turn a light on, or reach over the settee or to reach behind the television to turn it off, not having to do that saves me energy.

So now we’re talking about the lights. What do they do for you?

Well as I say, it keeps me having to get up and down, and I sit outside a lot so if I’m sitting outside and it starts to get dark I can just turn the switch on from wherever. And also because sometimes I end up staying in bed because of my health, and I can’t reach the switches or anything. I can’t actually move anything, so to have the tablet at my side is very helpful. And especially because I’ve got no feeling in my fingers having this stylus makes a big difference. And the wireless network extender you provided me with, it means I can use it outside now, too. I used to have to leave the tablet sitting in here on the chair when I would sit outside, but now I can use it outside, so I don’t have to get up to come and see who it is at the door.

Using the camera, I can tell who’s there, and if I don’t want to talk to them I don’t have to answer the door.

And now we’re talking about the camera. Go on.

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Belgian Tenant

Good morning, Ms.

Ah, sir, we finally meet! I’ve already heard and seen your colleague a few times, but not you.

No? Haven’t we met during the project information meeting?

We didn’t, I had to cancel because I had to go to hospital then.

Of course, now I remember. If I may ask, is everything alright?

Oh, sir, I’m fine, but I could write a book about my hand by now. Yes, I can use it, but it still hurts. Fortunately, it’s already improved and I’m back at my flat.

How long have you been living here?

Since 1998. I was one of the original inhabitants. I’ve seen a lot of people come and, unfortunately, I’ve seen even more of them go.

Do you enjoy living here?

I do. I have been upset for a while because of a construction project which was set up here in front of my window and due to which I lost the nice view. But anyway, I had to get used to it and I am well aware that it is nice to live here: a flat in the town centre, near the hospital where I occasionally need to go to, and near the nursing home, which is ideal should I ever want to make use of its services.

Why did you get involved in the project?

I don’t see why I shouldn’t. Research is being carried out into things we can use, but if no one is willing to try them, then nothing will happen.

Which products do you use?

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