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Withings Weight Scale

Withings Pulse O2 - Activity Tracker

The Withings Pulse and its successor the Pulse O2 count the number of steps taken during the day and calculate the distance covered, calories lost and altitude mounted. It can also measure heart rate and blood oxygen level. When worn at night, it monitors the user's sleep.

All these results can be synchronized with the "WITHINGS" application on the tablet and can be monitored over time.

When interviewing our tenants, we found that some are very active people who try to stay fit. For them, we thought it might be worth selecting a product for supporting their activities and helping their motivation.

Withings Wireless Bloodpressure Monitore

Tabtime Med-E-Lert - Pill Dispenser

The Tabtime Med-E-Lert is an automatic pill dispenser and alarm. The pillbox has 28 compartments with room for 12 pills in each compartment.

You can program up to 4 alarms per day to sound when it is time for the user to take a pill. The alarm will not stop until the pill has been taken.

When conducting research with participating tenants, we found that many of them were taking a lot of medication. Some of them (or their carers) described to us how easy it was to forget to take these medications. At the same time, many of the usual pill dispensers were complicated to use or unattractive in design.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

The Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 is a smart-scale that measures weight and calculates Body Mass Index (BMI) based on height and body fat ratio. It also measures heart rate and household air quality.

We chose this product because it is easy to install and has a variety of functions. In our opinion, this product offers both ease and convenience of use and enables users to regularly check up on some important measurements of their own health.

Tenants' doctors may also look at stored measurements using an application.

Withings Pulse O2

Withings Wireless Bloodpressure Monitor

People should regularly check their blood pressure starting in their 60s at the very latest. Many of our tenants are no exceptions as sometimes they struggle with high blood pressure or heart problems.

This device helps them to easily monitor themselves. They can do the measuring themselves and do not have to worry about writing the results down as the data are automatically transferred to the application and can be monitored over time. They can also share their results and lying about them is no longer possible due to the direct transfer of data.

Pill Dispenser