Products installed - Comfort



Mibida is composed of several different modules so that the system can be adapted to the personal needs of the different users.

It can help you conserve energy, make your home more comfortable, communicate better with those around you or take better care of your health. Users need only pay for the desired modules. Privacy is guaranteed and the user interface is simple.

Anyone can use Mibida, even those who have never worked with a computer before. It can also be installed as a program or an app on a computer or tablet that you already own, so you do not have to buy a new device.



Comficare offers a complete package of various solutions that assist in daily life and can be controlled easily by a simple app on a tablet PC. Possible functions:

-    Video communication
-    Agenda sharing with caretakers,
     family and relatives (Basic)
-    Digital control of daily life
     functions: lights, curtains,
     sunscreen, windows, etc.
-    Control of the front door in the
     dwelling: by intercom on tablet PC
     and the ability to open the door
     from a distance.
-    Burglar and fire alarm that can
     communicate with friends and
-    Control of energy consumption by
     controlling the temperature in each
     separate room in the dwelling on a
     tablet PC.

We chose it because it is supposed to be a reliable product with a clear interface that can offer a variety of functions to fix our tenants’ needs.


Sybility Voice Control – Pilot One

PILOT one is a small and mobile voice remote control. People with a physical disability can control their environment just by using their voice and specially adapted switches. This aides independent living due to a high flexibility in adaption and a wide range of functionality.

Some of our tenants face great difficulties in mobility which makes them dependent on external help by their families or care services. We hope that with this solution, they might become more independent again and life will be a little easier.  



SOPHITAL® is a tool with various possible functions for support at home.

It is for instance possible to switch lights and outlets on or off directly from bed, or to turn everything off when leaving the home. It can also measure the user’s health or activity within the dwelling if desired. To increase security, it is also possible to send an email or emergency call via SOPHITAL® in order to get help when necessary.

Furthermore, SOPHITAL® offers many flexible functions, so it was comparably easy to tailor solutions for the specific tenants’ needs. It was also good that devices can be installed and un-installed without damaging the dwelling and to have the
SOPHIA service centre available as a personal contact or service provider for further support.


iRobot - Roomba

The iRobot Roomba is an automatic, robotic vacuum cleaner. You can ask it to clean your apartment or house by simply pressing the "CLEAN" button or you can set it to automatically clean on a schedule. The Roomba also knows when it has no battery and automatically returns to its base to recharge

Research with our tenants revealed that they have difficulty cleaning their apartments and often need help in this area. The Roomba may make their life easier.



LightwaveRF turns a home into a smart home with wireless control of lighting, power, and heating. It accomplishes this through relatively simple retrofitting of existing light switches, power points, radiator controls, and thermostats with wireless versions of the same. These can then be controlled through an easy-to-use app available on any Apple or Android device.

We chose LightwaveRF because it is supposed to allow people to control the environment in their home from anywhere. Research with our tenants showed that many had mobility related disabilities that limited their ability to carry out everyday tasks. Lightwave was selected to help assist these tenants in controlling their homes easily despite their disabilities.

Sybility Pilot One

En:key heating control

The En:key can automatically turn the heating in the room down when a room is not in use anymore. It also adapts to users’ habits. 

One of the key aims of the project is to reduce energy consumption in tenants’ homes with the help of technology. This is a key aspect for many participants as they need to reduce their costs where possible. Tenants do not have to remember about their heating but have the ability to save energy without much added effort. Some tenants might also appreciate that they can help preserve the environment at the same time.