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Members and Associations within EFL (May 2012)

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What is EFL?

A professional European consortium of organizations in the housing sector. An organization aiming to support your companies interests and deliver added value. That’s EFL all about.

EFL promotes the strategic goals of its members. Whether it is the creation of business opportunities, improving know how,  innovation, EFL offers a strong network of pro-active partners. The shared knowledge and experience of all members is our largest asset.

How is EFL composed?

Housing companies of social and commercial background, companies from the building industry and designing sector, non-profit expertise institutes and universities form together the EFL.
There are two kinds of connections:

Membership: only open for housing companies
Associated Partnership: open for commercial companies and expertise institutes

It’s a consortium of forerunners: the most active and innovative organizations within their country join the EFL in order to guarantee high level exchange and added value from cooperation. The members and associated partners of EFL derive from France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom (stand 2012).

EFL is growing and open for more members and more countries. We are European by heart.

What are the mission and goals of the EFL?

EFL strives for the realization of sustainable neighborhoods in Europe. We adopt the political EU ambitions of “Horizon 2020”. We define sustainable neighborhoods as a good quality of living, financial affordable, energy efficient, healthy and economic strong.

The members exchange know how and best practices, learn by doing, cooperate in European funded projects, realize  concrete projects. EFL supports the synergy between members, associates and the academic world.

What is the added value of being member of the EFL?

Innovation and learning from your international colleagues. EFL stays on your side as reliable partner and connects the forerunners in European housing.  Sharing ideas and ambitions for improving your business, learning from best practices in Europe,  costs savings via economies of scale. But if you like, EFL supports the concrete realization of buildings and other projects. If possible funded by the EU subsidies. EFL opens horizons and breaks through borders.
And…good for your corporate image as well.

How is EFL structured?

The EFL is legally founded as an European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG). Main characteristics are the ease to entry for European companies and the fact that EFL is only devoted to support the interests of its members. Each member has one vote. Project support is provided via EFL Expertise, EFL’s own consultancy office.

How is EFL financed?

EFL is financed by its members via a yearly contribution. EFL is a non-profit organization.
The contribution is depending on the number of members and the size of the member- organization.

What are the future challenges of EFL?

We have the ambition to become Europe’s number one exchange platform for housing companies, related industry and expertise centers. Always capable in composing consortia for EU projects.  Besides that, EFL will offer the members the opportunity to become stakeholder in a joint European investment company.


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You can donwload further information about EFL here:
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