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De Woonplaats premises
De Woonplaats premises at Enschede, Netherlands

De Woonplaats, everything is possible!

De Woonplaats is a private real estate company with a social public responsibility and was founded after a merger on January 1, 2005. Daily we are active with 250 employees to provide good housing for those people who cannot afford this on their own. We own approximately 18.500 units, of which the most are located in the city of Enschede and in the region “Achterhoek”  in the Netherlands.

Our activities
We rent real estate, especially dwellings. We also sell real estate to people with a weak position on the housing market. We aim for an optimal financial and social return. All revenues are invested in society (real estate and people). De Woonplaats uses a broad definition of the social public responsibility. De Woonplaats stands for good living.

Good living can only be established in quarters that are safe, secure and clean. Good education should be accessible, employment is important and people must be actively involved in the neighbourhood.

To invest in people
Not only invests De Woonplaats in real estate, but it also invests in people. De Woonplaats is there for all, but especially for people with low income or a weak position on the housing market. We provide housing services and we invest actively in the independency and the self-reliance of our customers. If needed we provide all kinds of support. People are our primary focus.

De Woonplaats is innovative. The world is changing. We think ahead as a modern company, focussing on the future needs of our customers. Based on research and development we choose innovatory solutions. We challenge our customers to actively participate in finding, choosing and implementing these new solutions. Everything is possible.

Our contribution to the project

Housing company De Woonplaats is expert in chain integration between the housing, care and welfare sector.

With this integration we realize affordable solutions for elderly tenants, inclusive the technical infrastructure in the dwellings, network applications and above all the (care) services. We are experienced with the use of Home automation as one of the founding father of USUS, a Dutch national organization for improving independent living and innovations. The City of Enschede in their role in the execution of the Dutch Social Support Act (WMO), is integrated in above mentioned cooperation. Multi party cooperation is also practiced in the energy chain- energy supplier, owner, enduser, in order to realize more sustainable dwellings future proof with the accompanying energy supply.

We like to exchange concrete experiences with the different project partners and practice solutions which have been developed in other EU countries.

de woonplaats

De Woonplaats

Wethouder Beversstraat 175
7543 BK Enschede