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headquarter Volkshaard

  • foundation date: 1928, January 3rd
  • activity: rental and control of council houses
  • operational area: Gent-Eeklo district (21 participating municipalities)
  • own patrimony (on 31/12/2011):

    property: 4.756 housing facilities;  
    control: 257 houses (VMSW houses at Wachtebeke)

  • number of employees: 63
  •  Own emphases of policy:

Social mix through :
    - For sale/for rent
    - Small-scale projects
Important role in inner-city regeneration
    - The importance of renovation
    - Policy with regard to target groups
    - Networking with social services
    - Social guidance


  Nearby the home Sint Jozef the social housing company Volkshaard built in 1997 47 service-supported flats.
The state of affairs were the problems of the able-bodied seniors:
                        - proportional increase of the ageing population
                        - will to remain living longer independently in own house
                        - need for adapted accommodation     

As an alternative when those people move to service-supported houses
it is situated in the vicinity of a home or service centre. There, people can freely use the facilities of this social care institution like entertainment, cafeteria, hot meals, …and in emergencies nursing staff is available (call-out system). Additionally, the houses are built so that they can be adapted and in the social houses the rent is based on the income, hence also for the less well-to-do.

Our contribution to the project:

The reason why we want to participate in this project is that we want to figure out the impact and cost of ICT solutions for the aging people, all this between the financial barriers of social housing.
If we can introduce ICT in this service-supported flats the elderly people can live longer, comfortable and independently in their flat and we can postpone the social costs of an intake in a nursing home.

As housing organization we will provide the tenants for the implementation of the best practice solutions. In this way we will help to identify the most suitable solutions. 


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