Vilogia head office
Head office of Vilogia
  • Born in 1943 with the creation, in the North of France, of the Roubaix - Tourcoing CIL "ancestor" of the Vilogia Companies.
  • 448,67 M€ in sales (Including sales in old houses)
  • A portfolio of 88 000 homes
  • Implanted in almost 450 municipalities
  • 4 380 Partner companies
  • 59,4 M€ of 1% tax collected (+9,5%)
  • 1 500 employees
  • More than 2 000 new homes delivered
  • 441,126 M€ invested in the production of new housing and purchase of new and existing homes  
Being private real estate services group, Vilogia is backed by a portfolio of more than 88,000 homes in five French regions. Its founding values are still guiding its development, enabling it to innovate across all its businesses as a builder, landlord and partner for housing employees. Strongly linked to local authorities, the group is developing urban landscapes while diversifying their equipments. Vilogia has developed solutions for housing adapted to social and family situations of all of its customers and, in particular, the poorest households. Vilogia has also developed expertise in specific homes (retirement homes, almshouses, sheltered housing, residential, student houses, social homes...) 

Our contribution to the project

Vilogia has launched a global approach about ageing a long time ago but, with the help of some new French government measures and the realization of insurance companies, this issue is now one of our top priorities.We have settled all the company’s processes to adapt the dwellings occupied by seniors and we have created an internal standard of quality for the disabled. We are trying to help small companies that are developing innovative solutions.

Vilogia is involved in each part of the project. But our contribution will mostly be concerning the integration of the IT Platform, as some of our employees are skilled on that domain.

As one of the French housing companies, Vilogia will help to collect the best practices in France and gather it in the wiki. Then the development, integration and tests of the IT platform that will be performed by our technological partners under the supervision of Vilogia.

Additionally, Vilogia will provide very different test fields for experimentation since we have a French national wide implementation and help to achieve inquiries from the end-users. Vilogia will also be co-writer of reports and books that will give a feedback to these experiments. Finally, Vilogia will help the final product to be profitable for commercial purposes for we have a large influence in France on that topic.


74, Rue Jean Jaurès
BP 10430
59664 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex
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