Le Foyer Rémois

Foyer Rémois headquarters
Le Foyer Rémois head office in Reims, France

Le Foyer Rémois is a French housing company whose activities are the building, rental, maintenance and management of housing, mainly in the region Champagne-Ardennes, with a strong focus on environmental sustainability and sustainability related technologies. The company was founded in 1912, employing 300 people today with about 18 000 dwellings.

Our contribution to the project

As a housing company, Le Foyer Rémois has to face the ageing of its low income tenants. The company is constantly looking for ways to improve the seniors’ independence at home and ICT are part of the solutions.

However, two main problems are encountered while dealing with ICT: 

 - how to find a model that can be generalized while being affordable for low-income tenants?

- how to choose the most relevant and sustainable ICT-solutions among all the technologies available on the market?

The I-stay@home project is a good opportunity for le Foyer Rémois to find answers to these questions.

The role of the housing company in this project is first to participate to the collection of experiences at a transnational level and, then, to implement and assess some of the advised solutions on pilot sites.

With these new experiences and thanks to the future I-stay@home platform, Le Foyer Rémois will be able to propose better living places to its older tenants.
Foyer Rémois

Le Foyer Rémois

8 rue Lanson - BP 1
51051 REIMS Cedex
Tél. : +33 3 26 84 46 46
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