Intent Technologies

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15, Rue Jean Baptiste Berlier
75013 Paris

Rue Picard 22-32
1080 Brussels

Intent Technologies was founded in June 2011 and is employing 15 people today on three locations across Europe.

Intent Technologies is the leading European operator of infrastructures for digital services for smart housing and for smart buildings.

The infrastructure developed by Intent Technologies is the first open digital infrastructure in real-time to connect all players and communicating objects present and involved in the development of services to housing and to buildings. Our business is based on a digital hub, to collect, distribute and process in real-time data of building uses and housing uses. This infrastructure consists to develop an ecosystem of services in an apps store focused on housing and buildings for property managers, suppliers and all players involved in service development to end users. 

Our contribution to the project

In I-stay@home, we are responsible for the project management to design the transnational platform and to integrate the services.

intent technologies
Tel: +33 1 554 375 90

Location of headquarter: LILLE
679, Avenue de la République
59800 Lille