I-stay@home project is completed and the website is now in its final status


After the successful last event, the project has completed its activities as of 30 September 2015. We would like to thank our tenants for taking part in the research, as well as all of the organisations we have partnered with to undertake the work. It has been an interesting project, and we look forward to applying the knowledge we have gained in future engagements.

As a result of the project’s completion, the website is now in its final state. There will be no further news published here nor further developments to report. The news section was changed to a “History” section where all development stages of the project can be retraced. All important aspects of the project as well as its results can still be found on the various pages. In particular, the “Results” section is new, and covers tenants’ and housing organisations’ experiences, the scientific evaluation of the project, and an outlook on potential business scenarios. Since all results are only available in the English language, the final website is only available in English.

Even though the project is now complete, all partners are available to answer inquiries about the project and its outcomes. All in all, the project was a great experience with sustainable achievements and valuable lessons learned which can make an impact in future developments of assisted living and helping elderly and disabled people in staying at home as they age.