I-stay@home on final preparations for test dwellings


As the time for the installation of best practice products in pilot dwellings approaches, I-stay@home partners met for their third conference in Reims (France) in the first week of November. In addition to hosting a well-received public event, partners came together to discuss two milestones of the project before requesting their tenants' participation in the upcoming testing phase:

1.    The conceptualization of the functions and interface of the IT platform for elderly tenants, and
2.    The final choice of products to be implemented and live-tested early in 2014.

The chosen products will be installed in 20 test dwellings of each participating housing organisation, totaling 180 dwellings throughout Northwest Europe. The testing phase will start in February 2014 and will last for one year.

Products that were chosen should improve the tenants’ comfort and security by using devices like cooker guards, emergency call systems or remote controls for the dwelling, allowing them to switch lights on and off or switching off energy-consuming devices when they are not in use.     

Additionally, a first version of the I-stay@home IT platform will be made available in the test dwellings, so that tenants can take a close look at it and identify areas for improvement in future versions. Supporting devices shall be connected via the platform to facilitate handling them especially for elderly and disabled people, in addition to the communication services that the platform itself offers.

During the project, all devices and the IT platform itself are free for use by tenants participating in the pilot. Throughout this phase, they will be queried regularly about their experiences in an effort to refine and improve upon the services being offered.

Pictures: Axel Coeuret