About social Innovation: I-stay@home discussed with French housing organizations


At the beginning of July, the French members of the consortium gathered for a conference in Paris on the topic: “Innovations: what social utility?” Sociologists, engineers and other housing organizations were also invited to talk about this issue.

These last years, the question of innovation has been treated by the housing organizations only from a technical point of view. To manage the changes housing organizations are faced with (aging population, increasingly fragile population…), they have to innovate on a social plan.

Clothilde Botte-Noyan represented Vilogia; Lamiaâe Antar represented Le Foyer Rémois and Nathalie Pilat Detto Braïda represented INTENT Technologies. They were in charge of reminding what technological innovation is today, presenting the I-stay@home project and considering the business model to finance the platform and make it affordable for the most vulnerable end-users.

The other professionals in the housing business were attentive to the speech. The second point about the business model gave birth to a long discussion about the role of the housing organizations and the sale of services to the tenants. Those exchanges were very interesting and revealing. They showed that I-stay@home is an innovative project and most of French housing organizations need more time to take into account these new applications.